Get your sweat on with Jenna Douros

July 13, 2016

Here’s a HIIT workout to pack in your beach bag.

There’s no guessing that I love getting my sweat on and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is my natural choice for an outdoors workout. If you want to HIIT the beach, build confidence and find your inner strength in not only your body but how you feel then read on.

Apart from the stunning views and beautiful surroundings of Bondi Beach, life seems so much brighter when you take things outdoors. Beach training is fantastic for conditioning the whole body efficiently, without any equipment. Each exercise will be more challenging because your muscles will have an extra challenge from stabilizing you in the sand. The sand “gives" a little, which adds resistance to your exercise, increasing the intensity. Due to the extra energy you will need to exert while working out on sand you will burn more calories, yippee. Thinking it can’t get any better then this? Think again. Working out of the sand is much friendlier on your joints. The softer the surface, the less impact on your joints. Your body will be thanking you.

The idea when performing a HIIT workout is to give it your all and leave no sweat bead behind during the working phase, no slacking off aloud. This working phase consists of quick and intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods, which can sometimes be active recovery.  

This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. In fact, more calories are burned than if you’d exercised at a lower intensity for the same (or longer) period of time.  High-intensity workouts increases the body’s need for oxygen during the working phase and creates an oxygen shortage, causing your bodies need for more oxygen during recovery. The Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) and is the reason why intense exercise will help burn more fat and calories than regular aerobic and steady-state workouts.

Benefits from HIIT:

  1. You will feel amazing doing it.
  2. ‍Increases your metabolism.
  3. ‍Fast results.
  4. ‍You can improvise and do it anywhere.
  5. ‍A great way to beat training plateaus.
  6. ‍It is an effective way to train for those who have a busy schedule.
  7. ‍It is a great way to burn fat.

So pack this workout in your beach bag and get ready for the ultimate mood-booster.  You’ll be left with a pep in your step, endorphins flowing and feeling downright chuffed at your efforts.

Mark out a distance of 10-15 meters

Complete each exercise with zero rest in between. At the end of each round rest for maximum of 2 minutes then repeat x5 times (6 times in total).

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